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Monday, 30-Dec-2013 03:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Romantic Gothic Dresses

Gothic fashion has different types,such as cyber goth,punk goth,romantic goth and so on.Among these types,the most different from other types is romantic goth.

Romantic goth not only focus on unique and personality things,but also focus on the beautiful,dark thing in life.Commonly,they wear lacey dresses or flowing garb.And they don't only wear black,dark blue,purple,red are also their choice.Here I will show you several romantic gothic dresses.

Thursday, 26-Dec-2013 05:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Romantic Gothic Style

Gothic style is more and more popular in nowadays and accpeted by different age of people.Because this style is considered to express one's self and show something different from others.

Gothic fashion was divided into different styles,such as romantic gothic,cyber gothic and so on.Here we will talk about romantic gothic.

Romantic gothic style is creative, imaginative and unique in appearance.This style combines Victorian with Gothic.So it is not only dark,but classic.Romantic gothic clothing are mainly black,wine red,green,purple such dark colors.Black or wine red dyed hair,black painted nails,heavy black eyeliner is the most common goth make-up.So if you want to be a romantic goth,remeber these basic points.

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What to Wear at Workplace As a Goth

Gothic fashion is one of the most popular style in modern society.It won't only appear in parties,goth also wear this style of clothing in working place and street.But you may worry gothic dress-up is not suitable for working place,because it is dark and exaggerated.In fact,this is not a problem now.You can choose suitable gothic clothing and do right make-up to avoid it.

Here I will show you several gothic clothing which is not exaggerated and very suitable for your workplace.

Monday, 16-Dec-2013 08:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Victorian Bustle Dresses

Have you ever thought yourself back to Victorian era wearing a romantic and beautiful dress at a tea party?Everyone who loves historical romantic styles must have this idea.

Victorian style and fashion is closely identified with the reign of England's Queen Victoria,this style of Victorian dresses features delicate lace trimmed camisoles, pantaloons, bloomers, petticoats, blouses, bustle skirts, feather trimmed hats. And in Victorian era,clothing style was changing all the time.Here,we will discuss about Victorian bustle dresses.

Skirts were trained both for day and evening wear and layers of petticoats were worn to keep the dress from trailing through the dirt. Dust ruffles were often added to the added to the inside of the train to help as well. While the bustle began to dwindle in size, the excess fabric remained. A more vertical line started to appear and the silhouette began to change subtly to a more natural form. after the walking length skirt was re-introduced in 1878.

In the late 1870s, a tall, slim figure was considered fashionable and each year, the skirts become narrower and the bodices longer. Almost every dress is trained, including walking dresses. Necklines for day wear become more conservative at the end of the decade either open in a small 'V' or high with a collar.

The bustle speedily went out of favor in 1889 and almost overnight, a very slim, perpendicular silhouette emerged in 1890.

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How to Dress Goth for a Casual Party

Gothic fashion is a unique and special style that maybe some peopel can't accpet it.So that means if you want to dressing gothic to attend a casual party,it seems a little over.Now follow these steps below,you can find a way to slove this problem.

First,makeup.Don't do the makeup as usual,wear a light full gothic makeup,since you are only attending a cause party,don't need a lot of makeup to convey your sense of style.

Second,clothing.Wear a black shirt and pants or skirt is good,if you want to look special but not too much,choose a gothic corset dress,this tyle of gothic prom dresses are romantic but also can show your sense of style.

Third,aceessories.Don't wear too much and exaggerated jewelry.Choose some simple jewelry such as necklace,gothic bracelet ring jewelry is enough.

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